Friday, 6 February 2009

What's new this week

I have recently had my third Saxophone lesson & my teacher suggested that I change my mouthpiece and try out different reeds - I'll jump at any chance to go shopping!!

For the sax:
New: mouthpiece (Selmer S80 C*), ligature (Rovner light) and reeds.

Better: The sound I'm making - less foghorn, squeaks and slightly more tuneful - At Last!

Worse: Why is it that whenever I go to my lesson I always sound worse than I do at home? I am sure my teacher does not believe me when I say I do actually practise!

Also - Why is it that when you want to try out things like new mouthpieces, that the nice understanding gentleman you spoke to on the 'phone morphs into a young person who can't be more than 6 years old (I am 40 something) and watches you whilst you squeak your way round numerous mouthpieces trying to find one that you can make sound even remotely reasonable,whilst dying of embarrassment?